Water Bottles For School: The 7 Things To Look Out For

Water Bottles For School: The 7 Things To Look Out For

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Time to up your back-to-school game with a cool water bottle that makes your child want to drink all the time. Any idea what you should look out for? With these 7 points in mind, you can ensure you pick the best kids' water bottle for school!

Drinking water should be fun for your child

First the strenuous lessons, then letting off steam in the playground, and then on top of that, catching up on the latest gossip in the schoolyard. There’s a lot going on in your child's everyday life. There is just so much to discover and experience. In times like these, many children simply forget to drink enough water. And yet, it is so important to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially during periods of strenuous activity e.g. P.E. or sports

What can you do to make children drink more?

“Wait a minute, I’m thirsty!” said no child ever. When you have other exciting things to do, time is too precious to waste on drinking. To combat this, there are some simple tricks to encourage your child to sip more. For example, a cool water bottle that your child can take everywhere can help tremendously as he or she can drink at any time without having to pause their activities. Bonus points if it is particularly stylish, or has a cool element to it, as this then becomes a cool accessory for the school day that your child would love to take everywhere! 

P/S: If you want to encourage your child to drink more, we’ve got some great tips here just for you.

So, what’s the best water bottle for school? Here are the 7 features you should look for when choosing a bottle

A high-quality bottle is an ideal companion for everyday school life. As such, it is especially suitable as a gift for the start of the new school year. Let your child decide on the color, shape, and texture themselves - the only important thing you need to do is ensure the bottle meets the following criteria:

1. Robust

The everyday life of a water bottle can be quite challenging. Especially when you belong to a child. Be it long throw competitions in the playground or falling (frequently!) out of the school bag, a water bottle needs to be robust enough to withstand whatever obstacles come its way. 

2. Easy to clean

"I don't know how you always manage to get so dirty." Sound familiar to you? When it comes to children, there’s never a puddle too deep, or a pile of leaves too big. Children LOVE to get dirty! If you’ve got enough cleaning to do, cleaning the bottle needs to be kept as easy as possible.

3. Leakproof

With children, small accidents are part of the daily routine. Thanks to the inventors of leakproof water bottles, we can make sure their bags stay dry. After all, we don’t want any homework getting wet.

4. Beautifully designed

Be it bright and playful, or cool and stylish… the design of the bottle has to be a real eye-catcher. There are no limits to creativity! From cute animal motifs to simple but stylish color palettes, there is a suitable design for every age. 

5. BPA-free

Some plastic bottles release harmful substances such as bisphenol-A (or BPA for short) into the drinks. That's why we recommend only BPA-free water bottles when it comes to your kids.

6. Light 

The best water bottle for school should be as light as possible, so as to not increase the weight of the school bag. If the bottle is too heavy, kids will dread bringing it around and you will find it left lying around more often.

7. Odorless and tasteless

There’s nothing worse than getting an unpleasant whiff when drinking. That's why the best water bottles for school retain no odor and smell clean and fresh. Food-grade stainless steel is a great option, and often used in kids’ water bottles for school. 

Too cool for school: Our Kids Collection

Our Toddler & Kids Bottles are perfect companions for little hands, and encourage them to drink enough while keeping it fun and playful. Made of BPA-free stainless steel, each bottle is made to last, and is sturdy enough to survive the adventures of school. As the four components can be taken apart and cleaned individually, maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the bottle is a breeze. 


For a child, a drinking bottle is more than just a water dispenser and accessory. It is a companion that accompanies the child at all times, surviving every drop and fall. And so, it makes sense to invest in a robust and stylish bottle that your child can enjoy for a long time. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Kids Collection here - from playful animals to stylish and colorful options, there’s something for every kid. Discover away!

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