Energising hydration,
made simple.

A welcome boost: optimise your water intake with our sugar-free energy drink containing natural caffeine.

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Natural Caffeine
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Cola Nut · Guarana · Blackberry
Natural Caffeine
Sale price$19.00
Cherry Blossom · Mallow · Ginseng
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Microdrink Taster Pack + Microenergy
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18 Microdrinks · 24 Microenergy
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Microenergy Set
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48 Microenergy Set
Natural caffeine
Get your energy kick with all natural caffeine
Small cube, big impact
Microenergy comes in three different strengths of caffeine
Zero Sugar
Sugar-free energy drink focused on hydration
Saves up to 98% plastic & CO2

Fix your focus, anywhere.

Whether sitting in or stepping out, each sugar-free Microenergy drink is a natural solution to ensuring a welcome pick-me-up wherever you are.

Each flavour aims to optimise your normal water intake: a stimulating effect that helps you reach your desired energy in an instant.

How do I use it?

Water. Drop. Enjoy!

A waterdrop® Microenergy drink is a small, sugar-free cube that adds an instant boost to any water in just 3 simple steps:

400-600ml of cold water (still or sparkling)
Dissolve the cube completely
Enjoy your drink straight away