Sports Bottle 800ml Stainless Steel Bottle

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No destination is too far! With our lightweight Sports Bottle made of high-quality stainless steel, you'll be well equipped for all your sporting adventures. Featuring a Pull-Up cap for one-handed use and in the perfect size (800ml) with stylish designs, this Bottle was designed to help your bring your game.

1x Sports Steel Bottle

→ Filling capacity: 800ml
→ Made of single-walled stainless steel
→ Lightweight and easy to carry: 200g
→ Special Pull-up cap, with extendable spout
→ Practical loop for carrying & attaching
→ Durable, sustainable and easy to clean
→ Not suitable for dishwasher
→ Not compatible with LUCY® Smart Cap

Ready in record time

Form, function and ease-of-use makes drinking a breeze with our Sports Bottle thanks to its leakproof cap, extendable spout, and a removable soft silicone mouthpiece that can be cleaned easily – and fast! 

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Dein perfekter Sportsfreund

A Closer Look


Extendable, hands-free spout made of comfortable silicone for convenient drinking.


Carefully designed for optimal drink flow and with a comfortable loop for easy holding and mounting.


Made of high-quality single-walled stainless steel, the Sports Bottle is not only robust, but also a true lightweight at only 200g. Thanks to its narrow base, the bottle can be easily stored in bike racks, backpack pockets and in your car drink holder.

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