More than just tasty water.

Natural Extracts
Valuable Vitamins
Zero Sugar
Made in Germany

waterdrop® Microdrinks are small cubes that dissolve in water, adding flavor and vitamins with natural fruit and plant extracts, without sugar.

Each waterdrop cube is calorie-free, making it a healthy choice for hydration.

Drinking more is simple.

Add an instant burst of fruity flavour to any water in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Serve yourself cold water (still or sparkling)

Step 2

Dissolve the cube completely

Step 3

Drink delicious water throughout the day

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Customers say

Most customers say they like the taste, quality and zero-sugar content of the microdrinks. They mention that it has a nice flavour, is worth buying and great how it is sugar free. Customers also mention the hydration improvements, ease of use, and convenience.




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worth buying

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Product: Microdrink Taster Pack

I loved every flavour in the taster pack. I will be ordering them all again. Made drinking water so much more enjoyable. I highly recommend them.



Product: Microdrink Taster Pack

I've tried all the flavours and even the ones I thought I might like as much, have been flavoursome and tasty. I wanted to increase my water intake and thanks to these I have.I'll be getting more.



Product: Microdrink Taster Pack

I was impressed by all these flavours, some I thought what an odd combination - especially the Peppermint one, I figured it would be minty but I was surprised it wasnt and it was very refreshing and not even minty at all. The other flavours are also great and well worth buying a larger pack of each.



Product: Microdrink Taster Pack

Great variety of flavours, easy to use and super yummy. I would recommend letting Waterdrops brew for 10 minutes before drinking, I find it makes the flavour so much nicer and ensures there is no after taste. I love them ⁠❤️⁠

Deagon, Australia


Product: Microdrink Taster Pack

I love my waterdrop cubes! They are tasty, and make me want to drink more water, which can only be a great thing for me!I feel hydrated all the time, and people say that l look more refreshed! Thanks guys! I'm nailing it!

Broadmeadows, Australia


Product: Microdrink Taster Pack

Great idea to sample before you buy. I loved them all. It is great to sample before you buy in case there is a flavour you don't like, but that won't happen.



Product: Microdrink Taster Pack

Being diabetic I don't drink enough water, I bought these in the hope that it would encourage me to drink more water, I hadn't counted on the taste being so nice I have two capsules left and I've been drinking nearly one and a half litres of water a day, thank you.


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I'm finally drinking more water in 2024 thanks to this simple hack

By Chanelle Mansour via

New Year's resolutions help us stay on track with our goals, like drinking more water or cutting down on caffeine. This year, drinking more water was a priority for me, tying into other health goals. However, sticking to water instead of reaching for a Diet Coke or coffee was challenging.

That's when I discovered Waterdrop, a dissolvable cube that flavors water without sugar or caffeine, making my water intake more enjoyable.

Drink more water today.

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